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Pickup and Dropoff

How does shuttle service work?

You specify where you want to be picked up and based on your address shuttle bus will pick you up roughly two hours before your speedboat’s departure. Please be ready to leave at the moment notice. You can wait in your hotel room or the lobby. The driver asks typically for you at the reception using your name from the reservation form.

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How pickup at pickup points works?

You should get to the pickup point which is closest to your place and be there roughly two hours before (depends on a pickup point) your boat’s departure as well as the chosen harbor. If you want to be picked up, you should specify the pickup point address in the pickup address. And put there your phone number, in case of an emergency.

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Do you do pickup at the airport?

EkaJaya and Bluewater are doing Airport pickup, so choose them if you want to go straight from denpasar international airport DPS. Be sure to put your phone number and also the flight information to the pickup field. You should have enough time after your plane lands. Let's say you will land at 8:00 AM, your pickup at the airport would be at 10:00AM and your boat's departure at 12:00AM. So you should add 4 hours to your flight arrival time to DPS when looking for a boat. That would be your boat's departure time. Please note that we don't have any responsibility for any possible delay of the provided transport and also for any missed flights. This is a responsibility of the company you chose in a booking process.

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