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Is it possible to change name or dates of the reservation?

Changing names is fine even last minute before the trip. Changing dates, however, can be more complicated especially during the high season. Most of our partnering companies are very flexible and do not mind changing the date of the travel even two or one-day prior departure. It is always better to make the change as soon as possible to avoid complications. If your departure is in less than seven days, we cannot guarantee free date change. But from our experience, there is always a way to make it free. Contact our customer support. 



How does it work when I want a refund?

There is no problem to refund. We have a cancelation policy that applies to all the reservations. If you decide to cancel two weeks before departure, it is a 100% refund. After two weeks you will get 50% back, and two days before departure, there is no refund. Please note that we charge a handling and transaction fee that applies to all refunds. It is always good to consider rescheduling of your trip before you decide to cancel. If you are not satisfied with the level of services, please contact us. We can review your case individually and consider refunding your ticket fully (or at least a part). For example, if you miss the boat due to some error of the transportation company. We always try to resolve any issues to the satisfaction of our customers. The handling fee is charged in the case of cancelation due to officially announced bad conditions of weather under which fast boat companies are not allowed to provide services. 

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